Vision & Mission

To be the South Africa's leading provider of geospatial and actuarial intelligence in real-time, empowering businesses and individuals with innovative, data-driven solutions for risk management - thereby accelerating informed decision-making and societal growth.

Our mission at Riskscape is to revolutionize risk real-time understanding and management by harnessing the power of advanced technologies and rich data resources. We aim to provide comprehensive and bespoke risk analysis services across a diverse array of sectors, enabling our clients to navigate complex risk landscapes with confidence and precision. Integral to our mission is our commitment to foster societal growth, through the empowerment of individuals from previously disadvantaged communities with education and opportunities that catalyse their progress and the progress of their communities.


Property Information

From property Title Deed and Address identification to cadastral boundaries, our comprehensive data sources map out all you need to know about your property.

Financial Variables

Make informed decisions with our accurate property valuations, market analysis, and household financial index.

Climate Variables

Data-driven insights into rainfall trends, temperature variations and climate change projections.

Water Risk Variables

Navigate water risks with our detailed analysis on river flooding, surface water ponding, and proximity to water bodies.

Land & Geotechnical Variables

Grasp a firm understanding of the land with data on geology, topography, soil types, seismic risk and land cover.

Power Generation Variables

Understand the potential of solar and wind power generation in your locations of interest.

Market Financial Dimensions

Loan-to-value calculations, growth momentum, trading liquidity, size distribution, and price/m2 distribution statistics are provided by Riskscape for financial risk management.

Demographics, Amenity Distances, Crime Statistics, and more

Get a holistic understanding of your environment, guided by our comprehensive data sets and expert analyses.

Address Geocode South Africa: Leading the Geocoding Revolution

“Riskscape Address Geocoder” is redefining the South African geocoding landscape with unrivaled accuracy, comprehensive features, and groundbreaking approaches to data privacy and security. Its unique selling points go beyond rudimentary address translation, offering a decisive edge to businesses across sectors.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Riskscape Address Geocoder's precision sets it apart. By leveraging comprehensive, rich data sets and advanced algorithms, Riskscape provides accurate, pinpoint location data. It strives to vanquish the difficulties associated with non-standardized addresses, ensuring quality data integrity.

High Definition Addressing

Riskscape's High Definition (HD) Addressing Solution is revolutionizing address parsing. With the ability to accommodate complex address combinations, from street corners to residential schemes within larger estates, it ensures no location detail is missed.

Versatile and Free-text OMNI Search bar

The Free-text OMNI Search bar is designed for user ease, allowing input of any sequence of any address. It goes further by recognizing XY coordinates, SGCodes, and Mapcodes, making searching for an address more flexible and user-friendly.

Resilience Against Common Challenges

In situations where the Street Number may not be available, Riskscape's geocoding solution makes full use of its mapping capabilities to find the correct stand. It allows users to add 'Residential' or 'Scheme' after the Scheme Name to find residential schemes similar to the street name, making address searches more resilient against common roadblocks.

Strict Adherence to Privacy and Anonymity

Riskscape's commitment to privacy protection is reflected in its Data De-Identification and Anonymization Process.

Wide Spectrum of Geolocation Solutions

From real-time search mechanisms to transactional and batch geocoding, Riskscape offers a range of solutions to best suit the specific requirements of your organization, presenting an adaptive and flexible approach to address geocoding.

In the evolving universe of geocoding, Riskscape's Address Geocoder champions not just the needs of today, but caters for those of the future with its innovative, highly accurate, and privacy-centric solutions. Turn to Riskscape to unlock a new level of understanding and efficiency with location data.

Risk Aggregation model-as-a-service

Riskscape's Risk Aggregation is a highly advanced system developed to accurately identify, analyze, and manage clusters of potential risk accumulation. Powered by machine learning and proprietary geocoding algorithms, the solution offers a sophisticated approach to risk management in a variety of sectors.


  1. Clustering Analysis: Through state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, the solution highlights areas prone to risk accumulations, such as those potentially affected by single disaster events that could engender significant losses.
  2. Customizable Algorithms: Riskscape's unique clustering algorithms utilize geocoded locations of exposures to discern potential risk areas. Tailored to the nuances of geospatial analysis, these algorithms permit a range of cluster definitions based on factors like the minimum distance between points.
  3. Multi-Sector Benefits: The application of the Risk Aggregation Solution yields benefits across different areas including portfolio steering, risk appetite evaluation, and catastrophe risk management. It allows for enhanced forecast capabilities, better-informed decision-making, and robust disaster-associated risk management.

Value Proposition

We offer companies a ground-breaking superior approach to risk management. The profound insights generated by the Risk Aggregation allow organizations to strategically steer their portfolios, define their risk appetites, and manage potential large-scale risks more effectively.

Market Discovery

Marketing Profile for Market Discovery

Market Discovery™ is an innovative solution that revolutionizes the concept of business intelligence. Taking traditional market analysis to new heights, Market Discovery™ integrates geospatial consumer profiling and concentration analysis, allowing businesses not only to comprehend their existing customers but also to discover potential markets in new terrains.

Core Components


Weaving a data tapestry with threads of demographic attributes, household income, and credit expenditure, Market Discovery delivers a multidimensional view of a diversified residential market. These data points are used to segment large markets into distinctive sectors, offering you a crystal-clear view of the landscape right down to the Neighborhood and Subplace, or Suburb level.


For a business to harness the full potential of data-driven insights, Market Discovery™ contributes its expertise in executing services like geocoding and concentration analysis. These services offer businesses a precise definition of market areas and help to contextualize the concentration of customers, assets, or risks against the nuanced fabric of collected data.

Emphasis on Anonymisation

In the era of information, where data privacy and security are of paramount importance, Market Discovery™ stands committed to the principles of data anonymization and aggregation. Compliance with POPIA ensures that every piece of data you receive is devoid of any personal identifiers, while preserving the essentials for a comprehensive analysis.


Witness the power of data in identifying 'optimal leads' for your business, without the need to share any sensitive customer data. Market Discovery™ allows you to nominate various input parameters, guiding you to untapped market potential and aiding your strategic business decisions.

Overall, the Market Discovery™ solution turns vast, raw datasets into a wellspring of insights that can transform your understanding of current and potential markets. Catalyse your business growth in the age of data-driven decision-making with Market Discovery™.

Climate Change Solutions

As climate shifts transform the world's risk landscapes, Riskscape's Climate Change Solutions equip you to navigate these challenges effectively. Using cutting-edge technology, in-depth climatological expertise, and robust data resources, we empower you to make informed, sustainable decisions tailored to your unique needs.

Bespoke Climate Risk Indices

Our proprietary climate risk indices offer a customized view of your exposure to environmental perils. Harness expert insights on trends in temperature, rainfall, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events to better understand and quantify your climate-related risks.

Fine-Resolution Projections

Experience granularity with our local-level climate projections - among the most detailed ever produced. This enhanced resolution allows for accurate modeling of small-scale, high-impact weather events, enabling you to prepare for increasingly localized climate impacts.

Revolutionary Risk Aggregation Solution

Utilize our advanced Risk Aggregation Solution, powered by machine learning and proprietary geocoding algorithms, to identify and manage clusters of climate risks across sectors effectively.

Impacting Diverse Industries

Our climate change solutions have far-reaching applications in sectors like Insurance, Banking, Property Management, and beyond. By pinpointing 'hotspots' of climate threats, we enable businesses to conduct robust risk analysis, enhance their contingency planning, decrease vulnerability, and bolster resilience.

Data Privacy Assurance

Our firm commitment to data integrity and privacy is paramount. We adopt stringent data anonymization and aggregation practices to ensure compliance with data protection regulations while preserving the quality of our analyses.

Riskscape equips you for a changing world. Transform complex data sets into actionable insights, traverse uncertainties linked to climate change with confidence, and chart your course towards a resilient future. Embrace Riskscape's Climate Change Solutions, and anticipate change with a climate-smart, business-smart approach.


Riskscape enables insurers to precisely assess and manage risks. The use of tools, such as Riskscape Address Geocoder and Risk Aggregation model, enhance underwriting, and pricing strategies by pinpointing risk accumulations and unveiling location-specific insights.


Riskscape provides critical geospatial data for risk exposure assessment, which aids banks in portfolio management and strategic decision-making such as credit risk assessment, asset valuation, and potential market exploration.


Providing comprehensive property information and geospatial analysis, Riskscape assists in property management, valuation, and investment. The range of data available aids stakeholders in making informed decisions about property development and investments.


With the Market Discovery platform, Riskscape revolutionises market analysis for the retail industry. It enables retailers to better understand their customer bases and potential markets, thereby improving market expansion strategies, store location selection, and targeted marketing efforts.


The Riskscape team is composed of highly skilled professionals from diverse domains such as Actuarial Sciences, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Mathematics, and Engineering. Together, they provide a unique blend of skills that facilitate innovative and comprehensive risk management solutions. Their shared commitment lies in leveraging advanced technologies to transform complex spatial data into strategic insights, thereby facilitating precise, efficient navigation through regulatory landscapes.